BAM ET1005XLC L'Étoile Hightech Slim 2.9 Cello case, chocolate .

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BAM ET1005XLC L'Étoile Hightech Slim 2.9 Cello case, chocolate .


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Elegant Hightech case for regular full size cello, with leather cover


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The new BAM Hightech L'Étoile Slim case (Ref. ET1005XLC, color: chocolate ) is a very light, slim and elegant looking case for regular full size cellos.

The case shell is made of the innovative Hightech material by BAM. The density of the composite structure core is increased while its thickness is reduced. This unique technology ensures an outstanding protection for the string instrument.

The special feature of the new BAM Etoile series is the upper shell handlysewn cover of real leather. The lower shell is designed in the look of brushed aluminium.

The slim case is designed to fit as close as possible to the instrument. That take off another few ounces: The Slim case for cello comes with an ultra-light weigh of only 2.9 kg which makes it very comfortable to carry.

Further features:

  • 2 bow holders
  • 5 soft touch latches with key
  • removable neoprene backpack straps
  • very comfortable side handle
  • male/female airtight seal
  • weight: 2.9 kg
  • outside dimensions: 135 x 50 x 34 cm
  • Depth from cello-back to top of bridge 28cm (maximum 30cm)
  • inside dimensions: total length: 124 cm; body length: 78 cm; upper Bout: 38 cm; lower Bout: 46 cm
  • colour: chocolate